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Storing Coffee

Coffee is a perishable. When storing coffee, you want to avoid air and moisture. These two culprits are the biggest cause of a stale, flavorless, brew. We recommend storing beans in a clean, dry, air-tight container, in a cool dark place. Much like the way wine is stored. It is not recommended that you store beans in a refrigerator, because coffee tends to asorb flavors and a fridge can be quite humid. Freezing coffee is generally not recommeded, but only because taking it in and out of the cold temperature each time you brew will cause condensation and not allow for air-tight storage. If you want to take advantage of buying in larger quantities or for storing for longer periods of time, we do suggest storing coffee in your freezer. Simply store the beans in smaller size packages; about what you will use in a week, that can be removed from the freezer just once. Keep your beans or ground coffee in an air-tight container on your counter or cupboard. Remember too, whole bean coffee will last longer than ground beans. By using this system for coffee storage you can take advantage of our 5lb. bag discount (a 20% savings) without compromising coffee flavor.

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